Decoding the mystery of Superhuman - The Ferrari of email services 🚀

At times, you come across products that defy the usual rules of business, product development or even logic. Apple and Ferrari are the frontrunners. There's no doubt that both have a huge, loyal following.

Another such product in the making is Superhuman. In fact, it has already been deemed as the Ferrari of email services in popular media.

Superhuman is an email app (competing with Gmail) and the buzziest startup of Silicon Valley in 2019. It has ~15,000 paying users and a whopping 220,000+ on the waitlist. The last funding round Superhuman raised was $33 million at an astonishing revenue multiple of ~45x.

But what makes this product so popular that people are ready to pay $30 a month just to check their email?

As it turns out, there's a lot going on here and there are a huge set of takeaways for us. Which is why I am writing a series of posts trying to unravel the mystery that is Superhuman

The first post is a breezy read where my intent is to set the context. Moving forward, you will see us speaking about topics that cover vast breadth. So stay tuned 😎

Here's a brief on what we will cover (or rather uncover) in this journey:

  1. Lessons on personalised user onboarding

  2. Targeting the HXC (high expectation customer)

  3. Understanding the product-market fit engine Superhuman employs

  4. How Superhuman executes principles from game design (building a product that users feel, not just the one they need or want)

  5. Finally, the hard truth on why Superhuman works (to the level it does)

Here's the link to the post again -

Write again soon,